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25 years of giving seniors and their families the best values for their precious money with NO SACRIFICES OF QUALITY necessary in any case.

Use any cemetery in Utah, even those with funeral homes. Don't pay "chain" funeral prices.
O U R  M I S S I O N 
We COLLABORATE with you to bring together all the needed sources of quality services and merchandise at the very best cost. YOU determine total cost limits. We don't SELL you to make more money.
P l a n s  o n   Y O U R  t e r m s
•  Always pay less •  Insist on high quality
•  No bad health disqualifiers
•  Insurance automatic if needed
D O   Y O U R   H O M E W O R K
•  Why Educated People Pre-Pay
•  What a funeral General Price List is
•  28 Utah Funeral Home Survey 2018
•   www.premierfuneral.com

How to Control All Your Final Expense

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