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Cremation as a final disposition option is becoming more and more popular in the United States.

Growth of Cremation in the United States

Americans are following most of the rest of the world in opting for cremation for various reasons. They aren't making any more land for cemeteries for the most part, so scarcity of cemetery plots is one reason. Cremation also costs families less. Some believe it is a more efficient means of disposition. There is an increasing tolerance for cremation than in decades past. I've written many plans for people who want a church funeral but a cremation after--no burial. This eliminates the need for a burial vault, plot, and cemetery labor--a savings of at least $3,000. I have this complete plan with casket included for $2,490 to $3,045. Read this whole page. You have the dignity of a full, traditional funeral but without the added expenses of a burial.

A direct cremation does not include a viewing (except for identification by next of kin) or an embalming. After brief refrigeration, you are brought to a crematory and incinerated to ashes, which are then returned to your family or other survivors. The cost includes transportation and minimal containers required to do the job. Additional fees, amounting to less than $150.00 total, are cremation permit, death certificates, and sales taxes on containers. Direct cremations today with all of these things included run between about $800.00 and $2,000.00. Some funeral homes will try to insist you purchase higher priced containers and urns, and some even say they "require" it. If, after shopping and calling, you've decided on the most you'll pay, see who will do it at the right price.

Cremation Survey

I freeze the cost of a direct cremation for $750 through Premier Funeral Services, plus an additional allowance of $150 for non-guaranteed costs: sales tax on containers, death certificates, and a cremation permit-for a total of $900. This is 37% less than the average in the Salt Lake area and the best price I have found. There are no payment plans for this, but when you write one check to pay for your cremation, you get a discount based on your age and health status.

Premier Funeral Service's Cremation with Funeral Service

The above package "Funeral Service With Cremation" includes everything a normal, traditional funeral service includes. The only difference is that the body is not buried afterwards but is instead cremated.

A rental casket is needed, which costs $650, for a total of $2,500. You can also purchase a casket made of wood, which at most crematories can be incinerated.

When a rental casket is used, the package includes a cardboard box for the cremation, and the remains are returned in a plastic container.

Otherwise, I have these options available to include in a plan:

This is what a well-known chain in the Salt Lake area was charging in 2011 for the same package with no container included in the price except a $250 urn. All other containers are extra.

Note that you must buy your containers from them. When I called about this package, I was told they will not use cardboard boxes but insist on fiberboard containers as a minimum, and they do not use rental caskets whatsoever. This means through them your total cost is about $4,400. At age 65. through their funding company Security National Life, this would be a payment of $66.75 a month on a ten year plan. I can provide the same package with either a high quality rental casket or a cloth covered casket for $2,500 and a payment of $28.33 at age 65.

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