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This agency only works with local, privately-owned funeral homes. This means you will be dealing with a trusted member of your community, not some distant corporation only worried about a bottom line.

Funeral and Final Expense Calculator

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"We knew before you came exactly what it would cost and how much we were ready to invest! Thank you so much. We hate mysteries, pressure and manipulation."

This page will allow you to calculate payments, including single payment discounts, for the National Guardian Life Funeral Expense Trust and the Estate Planning Trust.

I can FREEZE or guarantee most of your costs, regardless of future price increases. I explain how this is done on my Web page about "Freezing Costs."

I can take care of all your funeral needs for between $2,500 and $5,500--even with all payments total. Don't be duped into thinking the $10,000 to $15,000 plans offered by high-profile funeral homes are your best option or you will sacrifice something in quality if you choose a lower-cost plan. It simply isn't true. The high-profile plans, especially those sold by the CHAIN FUNERAL HOMES, are badly over-priced. With me, you can get HIGHER quality at a lower price, guaranteed.

Health Questions

Read the following short health questionnaire from the NGL application. If you have been treated for any of the listed conditions in the past two years, you fall into the GUARANTEED (GTD) "bad health" classification. If none of these conditions have applied or you have not been teated in the past two years, you are in the STANDARD (STD) "good health" classification. No one is diqualified for any health condition.

Next, determine the total dollar amount of your funeral. Example: $2,790 will freeze the cost of a full traditional church funeral with a casket through Premier Funeral Services. Or $3,695 will freeze the cost of a full traditional church funeral, casket, and burial vault. $5,000 will cover ALL of it, including cemetery labor, obituary, taxes, flowers, etc. Next, determine how long you want for a payment plan. (3-5-7-10 years). The tables below will give you your payment when you multiply your total funeral amount ("face amount") by the factor.

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Legacy Safeguard Final Expense Calculator

Internet Resources to Do More Homework

I have set up over 220 plans in the past three years alone that pay for a full traditional service with casket included for around $3,000.00-half of what most funeral homes charge. You use your church, a reception center, a lodge, the graveside, or some other location you arrange. No sacrifices! Just a better plan for your money. And your casket and services costs are FROZEN. This applies to other plans that include cremation. All the factors discussed on this page make my funeral plans no-brainers.

All plans are guaranteed portable, including cash value growth as long as you're alive. Even though you may have designed your plan around the prices of one particular funeral home, the funds can be used at another that charges similarly or less so you get the same result if your plans change. In any case, your money is never stuck with a funeral home where you have to pay a penalty for withdrawing that money. You don't have to worry about getting any money back from a funeral home, because your money is safely deposited with a large insurance company. And no current or past health condition can disqualify you from the insurance plan.

Your money stays safely deposited with a large life insurance company until you pass away, a company in business since 1909. www.nglic.com. You can change whom you want to use for a funeral at any time. We have 1-3-5-7-10 year plans, with full insurance coverage should something happen before you make all the payments, and always a discount for making a single payment or paying off your plan early. And always with growing cash value tax-free.

NGL is No. 92 of all insurers in the U.S. Read Report.

Our average ten-year plan at most ages is around $33.00 a month. Compare that to what other funeral homes you may have had in mind can offer you. The average funeral plan in the Salt Lake area on a ten-year plan is around $80.00 per month per person.

Let me show you in detail in your home how to outline your final wishes and preferences in the best way possible. Let me show you the best plan for your money.

I don't need your Social Security number. There is a major funeral funding company based in the Salt Lake area that owns many mortuaries and cemeteries that insists on getting your Social Security number when you set up a plan with them. Don't fall for this. That number is only needed for a death certificate, not for a funeral or burial plan. National Guardian Life does NOT require your Social Security number. Turn down any plan that does.

Get professional, personalized service at the right price, on the best terms.

    UtahsFuneralPlanningSite.com serves the funeral and funeral planning market in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. Our goal is to help you plan a funeral in as much detail as possible well in advance. This website provides the tools you need to pay for funerals the right way, so affordable funerals donít end up being a sacrifice but instead a more comfortable reality. We offer or point you to Utah's best funeral prices and lowest cost for funeral plans, which can include caskets and burial vaults, and final expense whole life insurance, especially for seniors with bad health and with low incomes. You will be able to not only outline your final wishes with accuracy, but you will know exactly how to calculate and control the cost of a funeral (church, mortuary chapel, or graveside), the cost of a burial, and, if applicable, cremation options. You will not become the victim of funeral rip-offs, over-priced caskets, or plans that donít suit your familyís true needs and budget. There will be no confusion in your family at the time of need concerning arrangements. Once you have done things correctly, they will know where the line has been drawn on spending for your final expenses, and no mistakes will be made.