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This page is a calculator for contracts of almost any kind, including cemetery contracts to purchase property (plots, vaults, markers, etc.). It is used for those plans that charge interest.

Don't use this page for funeral plans. Use the CALCULATORS page instead. You can fund nearly everything on with one plan, a National Guardian Life Funeral Expense Trust, without paying any interest. This plan can include both cemetery arrangements and funeral arrangements. See Example. Instead you get insurance and growing cash value, as well as a suitable payment plan for both burial and funeral arrangements. Use Calculator Page to run better scenarios.

For items such as burial plots, vaults, and markers you want to finance through a memorial park or cemetery, use the calulator below. You may be better off with a funeral expense trust as explained elsewhere on this site.

Monthly Payment Calculator
Enter amount to finance after down payment up to 300,000 (no commas) $
Enter interest or financing rate (e.g., as 8 for 8.0%) %
Enter term in years (1-30) or number of months / 12
Enter additional monthly payment $
Check here if you wish a complete
schedule of payment displayed (recommended)