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This agency only works with local, privately-owned funeral homes. This means you will be dealing with a trusted member of your community, not some distant corporation only worried about a bottom line.

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Jared O.M. Fairbanks, owner of Premier Funeral Services, Inc., has more experience as a funeral director, mortician, manager of funeral homes and cemeteries, and as a business owner with continuous integrity and consistency of performance of high quality service than anyone in the State of Utah. Among many positions in the funeral, hospice and palliative care industries, he has been the manager of operations for Memorial Mortuaries (Memorial Estates), Serenicare and Wasatch Lawn. He has been in the business since age 17, and will likely remain for the rest of his working life. This is a man whose company you want handling your funeral.

Formerly V.P. & Director of Operations - Memorial Estates


    "I would like to express my thanks for the professional and compassionate way Jared Fairbanks handled my daughter-in-law's funeral arrangements. He came to the house and took care of everything. He really took a lot of stress off the family. I would highly recommend him to anyone." - Beverly J. Lund

    "I wanted to write a note to describe how our family felt about the funeral arrangements made by Jared Fairbanks with Premier Funeral Services orchestrated for my father Melvin Hill Garner in January 09. My father's death came earlier than we might have expected. We had talked only briefly prior to his death about funeral plans. We did not have a plot nor did we have a funeral home selected. Knowing how Jared had taken care of some of my patients' family's funeral arrangements in the past I chose to call him the week prior to my father's passing. If I had to go through this again the only aspect that I would have changed would have been to have called Jared earlier for planning and scheduling. I cannot thank Jared enough for the way he cared for my mother through this seemingly complicated process and made the road smooth through the entire process. I have been a physician for 15 years and thought that I could handle most of this myself. I forgot that I was also a son, brother, uncle and father myself and soon became overwhelmed and turned most of the preparations and details over to Jared. Our family and friends have all complimented us on the professional, efficient and personalized way that we chose to handle my father's services. I remain indescribably grateful for the details that were explained and taught to us that made this a special moment for my father. He would be proud. Sincerely." - Gary M. Garner, MD

    "When my mother died Jared Fairbanks took care of her. He was most caring and kind throughout the entire process. Very recently we experienced his kind manner again when my husband's brother died. Mr. Fairbanks took care of all arrangements including the graveside service. It was done in a professional and pleasing manner to all of our family members. Our thanks to Jared Fairbanks at Premier Funeral Services." - Beverly Ruggles

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