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How to Study and Compare Funeral Homes in Utah

Everything You Must Know So Your Family Isn't "Taken"

Whether you are shopping around to find the right funeral home or whether you are trying to fully understand the charges made by just one funeral home, funeral homes are required by law to give you or send you a General Price List either in person, by postal mail, or by email. If you call them on the telephone or contact them via the Internet, they cannot tell you that you must come in to get one. They must send it to you immediately with no conditions. Many funeral homes have the General Price Lists posted on their Web sites.

On this Web page, I am going to enable you to understand General Price Lists as completely as possible before you decide on any funeral home or funeral plan.

Almost every funeral home offers 'packages' of services, which can include merchandise, that most people use. Each package contains the most popular as well as the mandatory items. Packages are easier to understand and compare than are itemized lists. Packages are 'apples to apples.'

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Funeral Home Survey

(These packages are WITHOUT a casket, burial vault, obituary, grave opening, etc. This is for a full traditional funeral service only).


Below are some General Price Lists from funeral homes and funeral service providers you might want to look at. Then read the rest of this page and look through the rest of the entire Web site.

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Neil O'Donnell & Sons Mortuary

Goff Mortuary

Lindquist Mortuary

Memorial Mortuaries (Memorial Estates)

Russon Brothers Mortuaries

Larkin Mortuary


Starks Funeral Parlor

Broomhead Funeral Home

Cannon Mortuary

Berg Mortuary

Holbrook Mortuary

Legacy Funerals & Cremations


Premier Funeral Services

Southern Utah Mortuary

General Price Lists often have packages printed on them, but some don't. Packages tend to be special pricing, and funeral homes are not required to print them on General Price Lists.


Most General Price Lists don't have a casket price list but instead have a "range," which tells you nothing. You need a separate list. Often their casket prices, along with pictures, are on their Web site. The best thing to do first is to decide on your price range and stick to it. Use my casket page or Costco (or some other source) as your reference. Don't buy expensive caskets!

My recommended price range: $695 to $1,595.

The funeral service package prices in my survey all are WITHOUT a casket. But most of those prices are contingent upon your buying a casket through that funeral home. Otherwise, the price for the package of services is higher. This is where many funeral homes can trick you--where they give you a reasonably low price for a package of services but over-charge for the casket. You want both the services package and the casket to total the right price.

Other casket lists you may want to study:

Russon Brothers
Lindquist Mortuary
Goff Mortuary
Premier Funeral Services
Legacy Funeral and Cremations

If a total cost for the casket you want with a services package is more than $5,000, you are looking at an EXPENSIVE FUNERAL HOME.

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Find the individual costs in Section I from the General Price List you are looking at, or put in the PACKAGE price. If the package price is to be found on the General Price List, put it under "SUBTOTAL - SECTION I". Then move on to SECTION II to put in casket and vault prices.