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Why Educated People Purchase Prepaid Funerals


Funeral Home Survey

(These packages are WITHOUT a casket, burial vault, obituary, grave opening, etc. This is for a full traditional funeral service only).

I sell and have sold many funeral/burial/final expense plans to educated, professional, successful and high net worth clients. This has included medical doctors, dentists, lawyers, accountants, engineers, real estate people, insurance agents, financial services professionals, well-off entrepreneurs, etc. They saw the light quickly and easily because of the way I insist on operating and because the numbers and facts were "no-brainers" to them.

These are usually smart people, especially about their money. It's the people who aren't smart or properly educated who give me the hardest time and are unreasonably skeptical. Which category are you in?

In building this Web site and incorporating many of my past writings, I have given my best effort to help people become "educated," at least about all the important things that matter about final expense planning, and join the right category. People I meet with regard me as a expert and consultant rather than a "salesman." And the more they themselves know also, the better we get along. The results of about the past seven years with my current offerings is a long list of happy customers (the time period during which I learned how to get you the best plan for your money).

I have become one of the best at a job that hundreds of people have "tried" unsucessfully. Rest assured you won't be meeting with someone trying out a new job or career to see "if it's gonna work." The number of plans I've written over the years is approaching 800.

I sell and have sold annuities, universal whole life, regular whole life, term life, health insurance, and some other products. Most anybody with the right licenses can sell these products. But I decided that specialization in one or a few areas I know and have researched well is a much better plan than trying to chase too many rabbits. I have been involved in the death and final expense industry for over 25 years.

There isn't much that has escaped my notice. I honestly have a "niche" in the type of funeral plans and whole life policies I set up for families. I have a competitive advantage that is totally to your benefit.

My degree is in accounting. This background is invaluable in so many fields. With respect to funeral planning, the understanding of financial math is critical if a representative doesn't want to be presenting "fuzzy math" to folks that sounds correct but is wrong. People who sell you funeral plans may only understand how much their commission is, and that's all they care about. I care about what's good for your financial picture.

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I subscribe to numerous periodicals about insurance, financial planning, investments, etc., especially those that focus on the needs of seniors. This also separates me from most "salesman." And I don't use any of this knowledge or information to befuddle, deceive, or "buffalo" anyone. I use it to make things very clear and understandable to you. In addition, since I am licensed to underwrite health and life insurance, I also have been subscribing for years to numerous medical periodicals and collect books about medicine and disease, and life and health insurance industry updates. This is totally to your advantage.

Beware of Big Money Funeral Salespeople

FACT: The only way most funeral salespeople can make big incomes is by selling expensive funerals, especially where they can only find a handful of prospective clients interested in meeting with them each month. I don't have that problem. I don't try to make a big income selling expensive funeral plans, which is what the chains promote to increase their sales force. With me, word gets around quickly about what I do, and I don't get the repercussions that "funeral plans are expensive." What I get is more like, "I know a guy who's got a great funeral plan you really need to meet with" or "Set up an appointment with this guy. He has the best funeral plans." You can prove it to yourself just by studying this whole Web site. I EARN my referrals. I don't have to ask for them

You can't convince anyone to profitably put $20,000, for example, into a funeral the way you can with other insurance and investment products. Nevertheless, too many funeral salespeople try to maximize the money you pay and, thus, the money they make. Sad but true. I could be playing that game, but my conscience won't allow it. I show you how to invest no more than $5,000-$6,000, and you will get everything you want with the highest of quality with no sacrifices. Full funeral casket included: under $3,000.

I Get Paid By No Funeral Home or Funeral Home Chain Company

The "trust" factor with me is very real, because, unlike most funeral home representatives, I don't get compensated or rewarded by any funeral service provider or their parent company. In fact, I am not even a funeral home representative, although I am authorized to fund for many and recommend them. I can set up plans they must honor, but I don't have to play any games I don't agree with. My contracts are on terms I accept and they accept. No compromises for the sake of money.

I've looked at the good, the bad, and the ugly of the death industry for many years, which has made many companies and managers uncomfortable. I know who the sheep are and who the goats are. I did this very thoroughly to determine if I even belong in the industry at all. Fortunately, I found reasons to stay, such as to save people from those who take money from families and individuals who can't really afford it. I'm not trying to be a "hero," but I get more "thank you's" than most people doing the same sort of job.

I believe in always being honest in all my dealings with other people. No exceptions. This is easy to do with the funeral plans I sell, because I won't set up any plans I don't totally believe are good for you. No puffery or any oversights or misrepresentations at your expense, and no plans that will eat your shorts financially. Most prospective customers are used to "salesmen" giving them "pitches" and they often end up confused or defensive. On the other hand, people who understand the facts clearly and quickly as they are explained to them get the picture and "see the light." This is why you are receiving so much information from me to review. If I could not maintain such objectivity, I would not be promoting funeral plans at all. I'm qualified to do too many other things.

We Find the Plan You Had In Mind, Not A "Horse Pill"

The next thing that leaves you in the best position is that I start out by asking questions to determine what you're looking for and what your motivation is. After we finish the questions, we start zeroing in on exactly what you're looking for. By the time we're done, you have what you want (not what I want). If what I have available is not for you or appropriate for your situation, I will tell you so and not try to push you into something you will end up unhappy with and probably cancel.

The whole process of "selling" is eliminated almost completely from beginning to end. What you are, in fact, doing is buying and investing--and collaborating with me on solutions.

There will be no dazzling, supposedly "convincing" presentation that will motivate you to buy what I have. Anything you are presented will be based on what you tell me first. I will show you the the best plan for your money regardless of your situation, unless you are just broke. There are many options available. You will get just what you want you want from a number of good choices, instead of a "horse pill" plan that is presented as the only option.

Let's Collaborate

I always bring along two extra calculators, as well as extra rate sheets and extras of everything. So, if you wish, you can do calculations along with me. I also show you a simple formula I use to build a plan around your budget --not a plan that is going to stretch it or exceed it. That is very simple to do. This is a completely collaborative effort. I have no reason to have to apologize for giving you what you wanted.

My approach to doing business is solely to "partner" with you. I am an expert in the products, services, and funding I offer, but they will be no good to you unless they fit your life, your family, and your budget. For us to be effective partners, with no friction or excessive apprehension, we have to share our experiences and understandings in our collaboration. That's why I insist on listening and taking notes. Then I show you a summary of the proposed plan(s) before anthing is put to paper. And by this time, your thinking is pretty clear and not confused. The phrase "no brainer" starts to become reality.

My Promises

First, I promise you I'll provide you with fast, completely accurate, high-quality information. Second, I'll never pressure you to make a decision. You'll be making decisions on your own all along the way. You will be in total control of the process. Third, you have no obligation to buy from me if you think you can get a better plan elsewhere, no matter how much time and effort we spend trying to find the right plan and solution(s). And fourth, I promise not to waste your time. I prepare as much as possible about your case in advance so you're not likley to get anything too "generic." And if I don't feel that I can help you, I'll tell you so.

The reality is, however, that after about 90 minutes we most likely will have either one or two plans put together. I will have a Final Wishes Summary mostly complete, which I send to you a few days later for your review. Remember, you're "cooling off period" begins 30 days from the time the funding policy comes in the mail. There's no way you can lose.

The bottom line of what I do is simple. You put your funeral money into the National Guardian Life Funeral Expense Trust, a product of a large insurance company, which I believe is the best investment of its kind. There’s no way you can pay twice today’s funeral cost as you do with some of the smaller funding companies like Security National Life, Great Western, Homesteader's Life, or Forethought Life. Next, you select the funeral home or funeral service provider who has the best prices with a good reputation of high quality, consistent service. Another critical factor is to examine how much and how often a funeral home raises its prices. Premier Funeral Services, for example, has been charging the same price for a full traditional funeral service for six years (since 2009). You'll want to think twice about funding a funeral through an operation whose prices go up year after year for no good reason. In any case, I can help you work out the details of every last cost, so everything is accounted for.

It’s not as important that 100% of your costs be “frozen,” which no funeral home can really do, although I can help you get 60-80% of your costs guaranteed. What’s most important is that you have everything “accounted for,” funded, and at the right price and on the right terms. This is not something every funeral home representative will take the time to do, especially if they are more interested in making money or if suggesting better alternatives is against their company's policies. The “chain” operations are notorious for leaving loose ends or things “hanging,” so they can clobber your family with more bills at the time of need.

Burial Costs

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Next, make it clear what you interment requests are. These are instructions relating to cemetery arrangements. Do you have cemetery property paid for, which may include burial vaults, and a marker? If you do not, your family should know that. They should also be aware that at the time of need there is a charge for opening and closing of the grave and often a fee just for setting the vault in an already open grave, which can be quite steep. If you have not provided funds for all these things, they should know that the bill could easily be several thousand dollars for only the cemetery charges. If you have not chosen a cemetery, consider a city cemetery, which generally charge a lot less than perpetual care cemeteries. The outlining of anticipated costs need not be summarized on this one page summary. You can elaborate on a separate sheet, like the Cost Checklist on this Web site or the Funeral Plan Worksheet. I have done an extensive survey of cemetery costs in the Salt Lake area. Download this cemetery price guide here.

Click Here to Download Blank Final Wishes Summary

Always find out your veterans benefits first. Put that information, if it pertains to you and you are eligible, on your Final Wishes Summary worksheet. National Guardian Life also has a brochure I can give you in your home about veterans benefits.

Know Exactly How to Draw the Line on Casket Cost

Choose your casket in advance, and set spending limits.

This is very important, because the funeral industry is notorious for overcharging families for caskets. Get a photograph of the casket you want—at the price you expect to pay and no more. In 2017, you should be able to secure the price of a high quality casket for under $1,600.00, even though high-profile funeral homes would like you to think otherwise. Use Costco as your benchmark, because they have excellent prices on caskets. But buying from Costco requires payment in full and then immediately delivery. Nonetheless, they are a good "gauge" to look at to see if you are over-spending.

If you want a casket that suits the purpose, make sure also you provide instructions that prevent your family from being sold an “upgrade” at the time of need. Funeral homes will often try to do this when your family is distraught, just to earn another $1,000.00 or more in profits. Don’t let it happen.

Some of Darryl Roberts' advice from his book Profits of Death:

"The key to controlling future funeral and cemetery costs is to arrange and pay for them in advance."

"...people will purchase more in an emotionally charged at-need moment than they will in a calmer and more stable pre-need moment."

"Pre-planning is absolutely the best thing you can do to ensure that you get the final arrangements you want and save money at the same time."

"In my opinion, insurance policies are the best way to go. The insurance industry is highly regulated. Also, insurance companies are typically more balanced and more stable than most death merchants. Even when insurance companies go bankrupt, state and federal agencies come to the rescue of policyholders. Certainly the same cannot be said of funeral homes and cemeteries!"

The only advisor with the qualifications needed to give good advice about funeral planning is one who has extensive experience in the industry. I have written many hundreds of funeral, burial and cremation plans over 24 years, and it has not been for just one company. I have represented large and small operations, totally honest and somewhat crooked operations. I have been in the trenches and seen every tactic used in the interest of making money, even at the expense of families. I have studied and adhered to the standards of the National Funeral Directors Association. I have applied my education in accounting to the numbers that pertain to funeral planning and the related life insurance funding. With me it's "always about the money," but it's about YOUR money. It's not about whether or not I'm making money for the funeral home or the funding company. It's about zeroing in on the best value for your money.

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All plans are guaranteed portable, including cash value growth as long as you're alive. Even though you may have designed your plan around the prices of one particular funeral home, the funds can be used at another that charges similarly or less so you get the same result if your plans change. In any case, your money is never stuck with a funeral home where you have to pay a penalty for withdrawing that money. You don't have to worry about getting any money back from a funeral home, because your money is safely deposited with a large insurance company. And no current or past health condition can disqualify you from the insurance plan.

Your money stays safely deposited with a large life insurance company until you pass away, a company in business since 1909. www.nglic.com. You can change whom you want to use for a funeral at any time. We have 1-3-5-7-10 year plans, with full insurance coverage should something happen before you make all the payments, and always a discount for making a single payment or paying off your plan early. And always with growing cash value tax-free.

If you need final expense insurance beyond funeral expenses:

I don't need your Social Security number. There is a major funeral funding company based in the Salt Lake area that owns many mortuaries and cemeteries that insists on getting your Social Security number when you set up a plan with them. Don't fall for this. That number is only needed for a death certificate, not for a funeral or burial plan. National Guardian Life does NOT require your Social Security number. Turn down any plan that does.

Get professional, personalized service at the right price, on the best terms.

This agency only works with local, privately-owned funeral homes. This means you will be dealing with a trusted member of your community, not some distant corporation only worried about a bottom line.